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Shawn M Flot, MPT is a Certified Oxygen Advantage® Instructor.

If you are investing in your health, fitness, wellness and/or performance - your success and achievements are only as good as the strong link with your breathing dynamics.

It's the physical/biological nature of your breathing.
It's the physiological state of your body.
It's the psychological - mental/emotional influences.

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Praise for Shawn

“Shawn is a wonderfully skilled practitioner. His level of training and knowledge of anatomy, physiology, movement and manual therapy are brilliantly complemented by his depth of compassion and yoga experience. He has the ability to build bridges between how physical therapy and energetic healing are connected.”

~Dr. Scott Blossom, Life as Medicine

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Breathe through your nose – Your Body-Mind will love you!

Why breathe through you nose? The answer is why not! These are a quick look at the benefits of nasal breathing: Article by Shawn M Flot, MPT. He is now a Certified Oxygen Advantage® Instructor. Combined with his 25year experience in Exercise Physiology, Physical Therapist for health and performance, and a dedicated Yoga practitioner is Read More…

Your breath is driven by something behind the mind

Do you believe that your need to breathe is because you need more oxygen? Well, actually oxygen is so readily available AND your body’s response to low oxygen doesn’t occur until you reach very low levels of oxygen in the blood. The real stimulus to breathe from your body’s intelligence and actions is due to Read More…

Free Test: Tune in and get the most from your Breath.

Tuning In requires feeling, a turning the dial of your attention and pointing to what you want to listen to. Knowing what to listen to from guidance is very helpful. I can recall when I started my meditation practice, I got lost in “silence.” As time went on my practice dulled and left me somewhat Read More…