This is Life's Adventure!

Discovery your Hidden Potential behind your Breathing AND use it!

Shawn M Flot, MPT is a Certified Oxygen Advantage® Instructor.
He knows how to address what elements of your breathing to get the best results
from the exercise and self-care programs you are already doing.

Yes! use it or loose it! And you may not know what optimal breathing is.
That's okay, most people and also most health care practitioners, personal trainers and yoga teachers do not either know the one key ingredient to address optimal breathing....it's not a deep breath!

Your breathing is directly related to the performance you want out of life - physically and mentally!
is based in principles of blood chemistry, body mechanics, behavior and habits, AND sleep.

If your breathing is sub-optimal, you are not living from your best self,
and the activities you do for your well-being are only sub-optimal.
Do you know what to self-evaluate to know if this is you?
Find out how to successfully improve the results of what you already do with the proper breathing dynamics.

Upcoming Breath-Body-Mind Course May 2 - June 6 Online

The best solutions are directed by what you want!
What do you want your breathing to do for you?

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access · harmonize · achieve

Proven Solutions - Moving Into Harmony

Physical Therapy


Hatha Yoga


Gaining access to your body's resources and capacities is powerful and priceless.
Practical solutions that
harmonize/integrate include:

  • * corrective and productive exercises
  • * functional movement with daily life activities
  • * functional breathing for daily life resilience and resources
  • * adaptive, positive stressor breathing exercises to build vitality & capacity


The approach I take with everyone is based in a well-rounded experience, compassion for the challenges everyone faces and integrity. - therefore I want to meet you and give you the life skills that will most efficiently and effectively get you to where you want to be... fully!

Praise for Shawn

“Shawn is a wonderfully skilled practitioner. His level of training and knowledge of anatomy, physiology, movement and manual therapy are brilliantly complemented by his depth of compassion and yoga experience. He has the ability to build bridges between how physical therapy and energetic healing are connected.”

~Dr. Scott Blossom, Life as Medicine

Meet Shawn

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Your breath is driven by something behind the mind

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