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Discover and Experience the power of Health -
Exercise your body's healing potential!

Healing requires all of you.

Movement is essential to harness health, boost vitality, and incorporate your vigor for the amazing potential to heal, move and excel in your life.

At Moving Into Harmony we acknowledge the multitude of ways each person desires movement in their life. It is difficult when movement may be limited due to circumstance and unpleasant experiences in life. We empathize you may feel bound or limited; how you have lost your ability to actively live your best life.

We can help you!
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Regain your life back by regaining mobility and feeling your amazing potential.  We help by identifying key mobility needs for your body and develop customized practices of health promoting movements that will give you the skills to harness health, promote healing beyond pain, sustain strength/power, and enhance your abilities to perform well in life. Living beyond pain is living well.

What's holding you back?

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 Exercise your healing potential
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Praise for Shawn

“Shawn is a wonderful practitioner, his level of training and knowledge of anatomy and manual therapy are brilliantly complemented by his depth of compassion and yoga experience. He has the ability to build bridges between how physical therapy and energetic healing are connected.”

~ Scott Blossom, Shunyata Yoga

Meet Shawn

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You are unique with individual goals about how you can gain access to the immeasurable capacities that health can bring. We will listen fully, and see you fully with a capable whole body, and with a mind curious in exploring options beyond the superficial short lived remedies of fixing your symptom(s).

Offering solutions
for pain that limits your life

for fitness & wellness

and achieve the highest levels of performance you desire.
We offer all levels of guidance and support.
We know you want to live life fully, from more than simply being pain-free to being great!

Our passion is to help you toward the best ways you can help and heal yourself.
That is providing the best care for your health!
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Harness Health ∗ Sustain Strength ∗ Live Life Well

The Fire, Cleansing & Transformation

Thoughts of changing course in life or diet, transforming life, and cleansing ring inside and out. Many express the desire and some need to change, transform, cleanse. It is fall, nature and the body are giving signals of slowing down and releasing the results of the growing season – leaves turning color and falling to Read More…

Movement Promotes Health: the Joint Space

It turns out “Motion promotes lotion. Everything is in motion” In a recent podcast from NPR – new research has determined the primary cause for increases in Osteoarthritis, specifically looking at the knee joint, was related more to an increase in sedentary activity and lifestyle. The postdoctoral study by Ian J Wallace, Daniel E Lieberman, Read More…

OUr Feel Like Our Hands

Our feet & our hands

YES!!!  Our feet and our hands have vital importance for integrative vital movement. From a neuroscience perspective, the homunculus of the somatosensory cortex, the map of the motor and sensory fields in our brains, illustrate this occupancy of high functional capacities for the feet and hands. The only other areas that get this much “attention” are Read More…