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Gain the Benefits of Discovering and Experiencing your body’s powerful healing capacity.

Moving Into Harmony delivers customized effective solutions to help you gain the skills and abilities you will need to harness the power of the body's potential for long lasting results.

We understand you struggle with certain parts of your body that keep you from doing what you want to do.
We also understand the vital desire that your entire body has in always wanting to utilize its best healing abilities.

We can help you find your abilities and use them!

Relieve your challenges in a way that gives you more. Get real solutions, integrated real-life skills, and begin to experience moving through life with vitality, agility, and performance to your highest level.

What's holding you back?

Pathways with Moving Into Harmony

Unique solutions to help you get where you want to go


Why Choose Moving Into Harmony?

Our role is to provide the best solutions that address the challenges you are experiencing - solutions that incorporate your whole body and mind.

With 25 years of clinical experience, there are great resources and real solutions available to help you promote long lasting results and higher performance potential.

At Moving Into Harmony, we partner with you, with a personalized approach, to discover your unbound potential, restore and integrate your vital healthy movement, and encourage a life-long wellness approach to thrive with a boundless, healthy and prosperous life!

Soar to your highest potential!


Praise for Shawn

“Shawn is a wonderful practitioner, his level of training and knowledge of anatomy and manual therapy are brilliantly complemented by his depth of compassion and yoga experience. He has the ability to build bridges between how physical therapy and energetic healing are connected.”

~ Scott Blossom, Shunyata Yoga

Meet Shawn

Free Monday Community Educational Event

This special event is co-hosted at the Ashland Food Co-op. All times are Pacific Standard Time. You are welcome to attend in person, no registration required. For the online access registration is required, please Register right here: This special opportunity will be available to view from the comfort of your own home anywhere. So if Read More…

Bearing Your Burden

Steady and Alive: The Bones as your Foundation

How do you consistently remain alive during life’s demands? How do you adapt? Are the adaptations you currently incorporate helping you live in harmony? Being alive is being fluid in response. Being alive is being in balance from the foundational support that your bones give.  Establish balance from a sustainable resource, the bones, and discover Read More…

OUr Feel Like Our Hands

Our feet like our hands…

YES!!!  our feet have the same capacity and movement potential as our hands? From a neurological view, the homunculus of the somatosensory cortex, the  motor and sensory fields in our brains illustrate this occupancy of function for the feet and hands. By this understanding the capacity we have to use our feet for sensation and Read More…

Body in Harmony

When the body is in harmony – the inherent balanced state – it holds the strength, flexibility and power to heal itself. Our solution based model of care recognizes the body and mind's vital, interdependent balance of systems - harmony
- for optimal movement and function.
We recognize each person requires a unique approach in their journey to find harmony, discover potential that restores and supports health, and promotion of wellness practices for the span of a lifetime that allow you to do all you want to do.






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