Masters in Physical Therapy
Certified Oxygen Advantage® Advanced Instructor


Movement is essential for health.
Mobility is the range of whole body motion you use for daily movements & exercise.
Exercise is the skillful means of moving efficiently to accomplish your goals.
Each movement has the potential to engage your whole body to access your health.
And a tailored program is unique to you for what you want to accomplish in your life.
Team-up with me to experience your greatest range of possibilities.



I specialize in tailoring a care plan and program for you. With 28 years of clinical experience, I appreciate being able to observe functional whole body movement – your movements of everyday life and your patterns, to understand what is possible for healing.  The gift of being in person is I get to confirm what I see with a manual assessment of functional mobility – whole body patterns in the body that coordinate to perform what we do in our lives. We are integrative whole human beings, and often the source of your pain is not where it’s bothering you.
The key is mobility and movement for healing. I enjoy this process of working with people 1:1 and help them discover their patterns and habitual holding tendencies that are blocking their access to their health. And I work with you and your individual patterns, based on what you want (not on a diagnosis) to return to in your life that has been limited due to pain and immobility. I respect everyone’s desire to return to feeling healthy and well, and bring together your patterns, conditions and the things you have struggled with to give you the best tailored program and care I can.


YES it is true, you can accomplish your goals without direct hands-on intervention. Over the years I have realized the best medicine is your ability to access your healing and performance potential through Movement and the Breath.
Tailored solution based programs through a thorough initial consultation can address a great deal of what is needed for your recovery and for your progress toward doing what you want to do in your life. The ability to see your whole body, to screen and assess specific functional movement and breathing patterns is a gift I’ve cultivated when it was required, I stepped up and brought together the best technology and setting for effective online guidance. The beauty is together we can identify the key ingredients in the program that will fit you the best, I point you in the right direction, demonstrate (and record for your review), and offer the efficient follow-up as you explore and progress on your terms. Motivated clients I’ve helped have found this option to be beyond their ideas of what’s possible and appreciated the ability to address their needs from home.
Let go of the false belief that you need someone to put their hands on you for your best healing, and give me an opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness of an online session. It will be worth the time you spend to achieve great things.


Physical Therapy is a well-supported service within most health insurance benefits and may be covered under your out-of-network rehabilitation benefits. Feel free to contact us with your specific questions once you have reviewed your policy, so we can help you understand the financial necessities of the care you want. We do offer additional and optional programs that can help you return to your best.