Harmony is the natural state of well-being. Through active participation of inquiring, moving, connecting, listening, and integrating we develop “confidence in the wonderful sensation of existence” (M. Sanford).   Through integration of body, mind and breath we experience sensations of existence, and discover the potential for living an authentic life. Discovery sparks the fire for transformative growth and healing. Healing is a gracious expression of living within the currents of rhythmic balance – harmony.

Support For Your Source of Healing

To serve individuals with a dynamic and compassionate practice:

  • Incorporating advanced, comprehensive manual therapy skills into the holistic practices of Yoga (i.e. as physical therapists and Yoga practitioners)
  • Teaching Yoga as guidance for self discovery by adapting the teachings to individuals’ needs and capabilities.
  • Partner with other practitioners to offer essential educational opportunities.
  • Collaborating with community service organizations for youth and adults to offer Yoga teaching as a means to facilitate synergy within our community.
To Develop Community Networks

That support:

  • The transformation and healing process of the individual
  • The growth of practitioners in the areas of Yoga Therapy, Manual Therapy and Physical Therapy.