Combining two decades of experience in Yoga and Manual Therapy, I offer hands-on guidance, assisting you in discovering your body’s expressions and sensations of “being alive and well”. Well-being and health have an authentic meanings for each individual.

Each individual develops compensations and adapts to the demands in life to maintain functional living. Each individual has different strategies for navigating life, different patterns of adaptions. There comes a time when the body “knocks at the door” because the ability to adapt has reached a threshold, and it is asking for help.  This “knock” comes in the form of symptoms such as pain, illness, degenerative processes, loss of function. These knocks can be loud or subtle.

And your body does the best it can given the conditions, environment, and resources to function with the life.

It is my role as a practitioner in the healing arts to provide guidance and assistance in your journey of moving into harmony. This can be accomplished by helping you recognize and address your compensations, assist in your abilities to relieve the blocks of vital energy flow, and provide opportunities for learning functional, fluid movement for everyday living.

Our state of health occurs on two levels; living free of “dis-ease” which is a  temporary state without active symptoms; and then there are deeper levels of health you can rediscover which can sustain a balanced state for an indefinite period of time. On any level, unbound fluid movement is the basis for health, well-being, and optimal function in life. I can help with any level of assistance you are looking for.

“Yoga is the Science of Harmony”
Zhander Remete, Shadow Yoga

With the wisdom from the teachings I’ve received, I offer an authentic, holistic approach to assist you in discovering your harmony.  I appreciate, honor, and respect my abilities to interact with the rhythms and pulses of life.

“Shawn is a wonderful practitioner, his level of training and knowledge of anatomy and manual therapy are brilliantly complemented by his depth of compassion and yoga experience.  He has the ability to build bridges between how physical therapy and energetic healing are connected.”
Scott Blossom, Shunyata Yoga

“Shawn’s insights into the anatomical and subtle/energy body are remarkable. I have found Shawn to be a tremendous resource for my own structural understanding of the body in yoga.”
Tias Little, Prajna Yoga

Model of Care:

Physical Body – Observation, Palpation, & Assessment of:

  • Musculoskeletal Alignment and Functional Biomechanics
  • Connective Tissue
  • Including Myofascial, Ligaments, Joint Capsule and more
  • The Spine
    Including Central Nervous System function
  • Movement – Integrative Balance
  • The Visceral (Organ) System
    related to Spinal and Musculoskeletal alignment
  • Breath

Subtle Body – Exploration of Energetics

  • Physiological Function:
    Autonomic Nervous System
    Neurovascular Activity and Regulation
  • Subtle (Pranic) Body including Marmas, Nadis, and Vayus
  • Elements of Nature within the body
  • Mind’s influence on the body’s movements