“Yoga with Shawn is a great opportunity to practice being attentive to the present moment.  In his classes, I find that I am not thinking about the past or future, only  the subtleties of the interplay between the physical and energetic components of my experience.  His fine-tuned awareness and love of this interplay provides a very healing, opening environment.”

“Thanks Shawn for all your offerings and generous inspirations.”

“I joined Shawn’s yoga class after seeing him as a client, and now one and a half years later I am strong, healthy, and flexible in a way I have not been in years.  Did I mention I am 67 years old?”

“Shawn uses his extensive training as a physical therapist in combination with equally extensive training in yoga asanas to create a class which gently improves your strength, balance and posture. His emphasis on leg and foot work is unique in Southern Oregon. If you are mostly interested in posture, strength and grounding verses a vigorous yoga class – you’ll truly enjoy what he offers.

Yoga Classes:

Hatha Yoga

Shawn’s teachings follow the traditional teachings of Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga was originally not an exercise program, but a means to prepare the body for the more subtle and demanding practices such as pranayama and meditation. Purification and Disciple were the primary objectives of Hatha Yoga.

“Hatha Yoga is a system of self-cultivation by which the individual frees oneself from the burden of the world and its bondage.” (Zhander Remete, Shadow Yoga)

Inspired and infused with the wisdom from his teachers, Scott Blossom, Zhander Remete, & Emma Balvanes, Shawn offers insightful and playful yoga classes to all ages for the purpose of cultivating ease, fluidity, and a receptive mind through every stage of life.

Shawn’s Classes at taught @
Om Sweet Om School of Yoga

LOCATION @ 108 S. Market Street, Talent, OR

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