Private Sessions include Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and  Manual Physical Therapy.

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  • Private Yoga and Yoga Therapy can address any intention – enhancing your practice, and/or addressing many aspects of function. There are significant benefits that can be achieved through a daily movement practice.  The depth of change and integration is profound because of the methods and foundations of Hatha Yoga.  Customized programs with progressive modification to establish a practice that meets your needs for vital living and well-being.
  • Manual Physical Therapy is gentle hands-on techniques which assist the body in making changes from restrictive patterns of compensated movement to more available ranges of motion and functional movement. Manual therapy helps to enhance rhythmic movements of many systems involved in the functions of the body. This is an individualized and whole body approach to health, optimal function, and well-being. Customized movement programs are also provided for the optimal, integrative functional outcomes you are wanting.
Through attention to physical and subtle body movements, and the qualities of the breath, you can integrate your body’s innate intelligence. Thereby having
the ability to deconstruct habitual, unhealthy patterns and
reconstruct new, sustainable patterns for healthy living
Modalities of Skill include:
  • Dynamic Manual Interface (Lowen Systems)
  • Functional Biomechanics & Kinectic Activities
  • Neuromusculoskeletal re-education
  • Hatha Yoga perspectives for Integral movement
A Note About Medical Insurance

Services are provided by a licensed physical therapist and registered yoga teacher/therapist. The scope of services offered is not limited to the scope of physical therapy and includes services which may not be covered by your medical health insurance. Please review your contract and coverage based on out-of-network benefits. Every session is tailored to the individual’s needs, intentions and desired goals. Please contact us with any questions regarding your options for use of your medical health insurance benefits.