Through relaxed focused attention that facilitates integrative experiences –
movement that combines physical and physiological functions of health –
you can unite the body and mind’s internal forces for health.

shutterstock_204629491Manual Physical Therapy Sessions are medically based services which involve evaluation, assessment, development of a treatment plan, and specific treatment modalities to address specific conditions. Modalities are skilled manual therapy techniques aimed at addressing pain, bio-mechanical and somatic (soft tissue) dysfunctions for improved range of motion, strength and return of functional mobility for a specified condition and/or dysfunction of a body part which limit function of daily activities. This individualized approach offers unique services to evaluate and address a variety of challenges related to connective tissue, musculo-skeletal, neurological, cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, and urogenital functions.

Movement & Therapeutics Sessions are offered to assist with functional based conditions that help to restore overall potential. These sessions help to identify limitations and challenges in movement(s) related to daily, recreational, and self-care activities. We observe and address your compensatory patterns that challenge you and limit mobility and function in daily life. Addressing the entire integrative body’s functions and relationships, we help enhance your understanding of the body’s potential, and develop an individualized program or modify your current program of self-care to improve your overall potential for movement and activities of daily life. Sessions include hands-on guidance, education and instruction (audio and video recordings available) for optimal learning and long term success.

Private Hatha Yoga Sessions are available for individuals seeking assistance with a current practice, or interested in developing a practice. The focus – education and instruction in specialized activities specific to Hatha Yoga to remove restrictions and enhance the circulation of the mind/body vital capacities. Awareness in movement along with cultivating an integrative understanding of the gross and subtle body dynamics helps to address your limitations and potential, and capacities for optimal, balanced, healthy living.

“Yoga is the Science of Harmony”
Zhander Remete, Shadow Yoga

Please note: Movement & Therapeutics and Private Yoga sessions are not a substitute for Physical Therapy services. If you are challenged with limitations related to trauma or injury, you may require Manual Physical Therapy to assist in specific restrictions to your mobility. An inquiry session to discuss your concerns and interest in the above services is recommended to determine the best approach.

Moving Into Harmony strives to provide individualized, effective, and efficient interventions
that promote restoring mobility that is vital for sustainable return of your potential, and balanced living.

Modalities of Skill include:
  • Dynamic Manual Interface (Lowen Systems) – Manual Therapy Skills
  • Functional Bio-mechanics, Therapeutic & Kinetic Activities
  • Hatha Yoga practice principles for
    Essential Integrative Movement
A Note About Medical Insurance

Moving Into Harmony’s services are provided by a licensed physical therapist and registered yoga teacher/therapist. The scope of services offered is not limited to the scope of physical therapy and includes services which may not be covered by your medical health insurance. Please review your contract and coverage based on out-of-network benefits. Every session is tailored to the individual’s needs, intentions and desired goals. Please contact us with any questions regarding your options for use of your medical health insurance benefits.